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>In message <18334.980748975@critter> Poul-Henning Kamp writes:
>: >1. Say I want to use DEVFS, what should I change? 
>: Nothing.  Just add DEVFS to your kernel config file.
>So it updates /dev all by itself?  What if I want dev nodes elsewhere
>in the tree, say for a jail?

        mount -t devfs devfs /home/jail/dev

would work, but all dynamic devices would appear there too.

Once we have an extensible facility for mount options, you will be
able to say:

        mount -t devfs devfs /home/jail/dev
        ( cd /home/jail/dev ; rm $devices_i_dont_want_in_my_jails )
        mount -u -o nonewdev /home/jail/dev

To solve that problem.

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