In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Jordan Hubbard writes:
>> Once we have an extensible facility for mount options, you will be
>> able to say:
>>      mount -t devfs devfs /home/jail/dev
>>      ( cd /home/jail/dev ; rm $devices_i_dont_want_in_my_jails )
>>      mount -u -o nonewdev /home/jail/dev
>Couldn't you also do "mount -t devfs -o nonewdev devfs /home/jail/dev"
>and then cd /home/jail/dev ; rm $devices_i_dont_want_in_my_jails ?  It
>seems that "read my lips: no new devices" should be an option you can
>set from the very initial mount so that people can't also figure out
>how to get root, remove a /dev entry and replace it with one of their
>own.  Come to think of it, there should also be a -o staticdev option
>to disallow *any* changes after the initial mount.  That would make
>some of our more paranoid sysadmins happy.

That's called "mount -o ro" :-)

I have not finalized the workings of the options, right now we have
a 32-bit bitmap of mountoptions and they're all used up, and I
don't have the time and bikeshedcarpenter hours to design a new
mount option implementation.

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