jhb> The current method always finds an unused device to use, so the
jhb> old VNDEVICE-style hack is no longer needed.  There's no point to
jhb> setting an explicit device to use.

But I want to ensure that all used md(4) devices is unconfigured after
it is used.

Imagine you run 'make release' for your own release. If something is
trouble in doFS.sh ('kernel size exceeds 1.44MB floppy size' is a
typical example), make will exit without umounting /mnt and
unconfigureing /dev/mdX, where X is dynamically allocated (and no way
to know what X is outside of doFS.sh). If I can say 'doFS.sh, your md
device number is X', it's obviously easy to umount /mnt and
unconfigure md devices after the script runs.

My mother tolds me that I should put away my toys after I play with
them, so I want to do a sure way to unconfigure md device.

BTW, how many md devices can we configure at the same time? What's
happen if a file of md's backing store is removed?

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