> Also, I think that this isn't the right fix to a bigger problem.
> Instead, it shouldn't be hard to get a list of configured devices
> out of mdconfig via an ioctl on /dev/mdctl.  This would be the right
> fix, as it would fix the general case problem you describe, not just
> one instance of it.  mdconfig wont' be able to tell you what file it
> is attached to by filename, but it should be able to ask /dev/mdctl
> for a list of devices and report at least the type of each device
> (swap, file, etc.).

I think I can do this, possibly with a little help.  md(4) keeps a
list of md_s structures.  From these, I think you can fill in the
majority (if not all) of the fields in an md_ioctl structure.  I tried
this, and I can successfully return one almost-filled md_ioctl
structure.  If someone can suggest a method for returning an arbitrary
number of md_ioctl's (a list), I think I may be able to implement

Any pointers?


                                        Dima Dorfman
                                        [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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