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>> On Tue, 06 Feb 2001 16:34:39 +1100, "Chris Knight" wrote:
>> > Since the new md was introduced, it is not possible to
>> build a -current
>> > snapshot on a -stable box. Are there any plans to MFC this soon?
>> Woah, what's the problem?  This sounds like something that should be
>> fixed, not covered up with an MFC.
>When -current's release scripts were cut over to use mdconfig due to PHK's
>death warrant notice of vn, vnconfig and MFS, release builds stopped working
>on -stable due to -stable's md driver not having a handler for /dev/mdctl.
>As vn + friends are disappearing, it makes sense for md to be MFCed, thus
>fixing the problem.

Somebody with a stable machine: try it and send patches.

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