> I've just put up a simple Fibre Channel "Suggest Hardware Matrix" as the
> beginnings of what one might expect for Fibre Channel in FreeBSD- see
> http://people.freebsd.org/~mjacob/Fibre_Channel_Hardware.txt
> Suggestions welcome!

As you asked, just suggestions here from someone who is putting
FC stuff together for my own :-) -

"Very expensive (in my opinion)" - if you mention "expensive"-"not
I would propose to add rough price estimations too - this might be of
for beginners imho.

"I have used lots of different Seagate and a few IBM drives and typically
have had few problems with them." - and absolutely nothing about single
channel vs dual channel, issues with putting them together etc ?

What's up with "1026Gbit" - is it really true ?



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