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Szilveszter Adam wrote:
> @exec ln -sf ../X11R6/lib/X11 %D/usr/lib/X11
> @unexec rm %D/usr/lib/X11

The link is correct. On a Redhat 6.2 system:

dhcp00% cd /mnt/usr/lib
dhcp00% ls -al X11
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root  wheel  16 Jul 18  2000 X11 -> ../X11R6/lib/X11
dhcp00% more /mnt/etc/redhat-release 
Red Hat Linux release 6.2 (Zoot)

> Solution: ? ( Maybe create the directory once we symlink to it? Seems like
> a good idea... )

Can you tell me what the problem was. I missed that.

> (Most probably this problem never surfaced before because the maintainers
> had both ports installed on their systems.)

I do have both ports in fact :-)

Marcel Moolenaar
  tel:  (408) 447-4222

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