On Sun, 18 Feb 2001, Pete Carah wrote:

> This may relate to a commit about noon (PST) today fixing a different
> problem.  I'm just waiting it out :-)

Oh. I'll just wait too.

> Welcome to "current" where (especially lately) about half the time things 
> don't 'make'...  (I'm trying to recompile my kernel after recovering 
> from the libc circus, trying to prevent some new panics)

Yeah. I don't know what I smoked yesterday to decide to go 'current'
(In fact, it is because mozilla-0.8 doesn't compile/run on 4.2, but
reportedly works on 5.0. I bet I just replaced a small set of problems by
a larger one...). On the bright side, this will keep me entertained for
weeks :-)

Thanks for the reply,



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