Well, after some hurdles with getting the serial console to work, I've now
go it to work ... I put the two sysctl commands into a file so that I
could run it as a script:

sysctl -w debug.ktr.mask=0x1208
sysctl -w debug.ktr.verbose=2

When I 'try' to run it, I get all the 'KTR'(?) messages on my serial
console, something is changing/happening so fast that my ssh connection
into the machine hangs before I finish typing in the shell script:

enable_kernel_debug: 3 lines, 72 characters.
thelab# !./

needless to say, running the command to hang the computer is proving
difficult :)

Then again, if I do a cold boot of the machine, the messages stop
scrolling up the console, but a cut-n-paste of them is sort of illegible:

 k0clo.c/k...c/.k4e3r8n /RkEeLr n(_scplionc)k .scch2e0d9         lRoEcLk  (s[p0xicn0) 
32c1al1l8o0]ut  r[=00x ca0t 31.d./8.2.0/] ker=r0n/ akte r.n._c/l.o./ckk.ecrn:4/k3e8r
e_cpluo1c k..c/:.2.0/9k
 rcnp/uk0e r.n./.l.o/ckke.rcn./3k5e0r   nG_OcTl o(cskp.icn.)2 0s3c      hGeOdT  
l(oscpki n[)0 xccall2o1u1t8 0[]0 xrc=003 1adt8 2.0.]/ ..0/k aertn 
.ok.uc1: 2.0.3/
 .c/pkue0r.n/.k/.er./n_kcelrnoc/kke.crn.4_c38l  ocRkEL. c(.s2p09in      )R ELs ch(sepd 
iln)oc kc al[0loxuct03 [210x18c003] 1rd=802 0a] t r=..0/ a..t 
 .c.p/u.0. /.k.e/r.n.//kkeerrnn_/ckleorcnk_.ccl.o3c5k0. cG.O2T0 3(      sGpOiTn )( 
sspcihne)d  claolclko u[t0 x[c00x3213118d08]2 0r]= 0r =a0t  a.t. 
 uc1p u.0. /....//.k.e/rkne/rkne/rkne_rcnl_occlko.cck..4c3.82   RE      LR E(Ls 
p(isnp)i ns)c hceadl lloouctk  [[00xxcc003312d1812800]]  rr==00  aatt  

ccppuu01  ....//....//kkeerrnn//kkeerrnn__cclloocckk..cc..230530               GGOOTT  
((ssppiinn))  csaclhleodu tl o[c0kx c[003x1cd0832201]1 8r0=]0  ra=t0  .a.t

then again, looking at it, it looks like everything is going in duplicates?


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