on the weekend I was trying to play with two USB-devices on my
FBSD-5.0-current (cvsupped 3.2.2001) without success.

The first device is a HP DeskJet 990-Printer that is recognized
by the ulpt-driver. (Unfortunately I am here at work and do not
have the dmesg-output at my hands, if needed I can deliver that
tonight from home). When I try to send something to /dev/ulpt0,
it hangs in the open for about 5 minutes and thats it.
But usbdevs shows the device!

The other device I tried was a Kodak DC4800-Camera. It is not
displayed by usbdevs at all. (I know it is not supported, but
there is a linux-java-program that supports it, that I hoped
to port to FBSD).

So my question right now is, has anyone USB-devices running on
a 5.0-current SMP-system these days? I just wanted to make
sure that I am not digging in already know problems.



P.S. the system I am using is a SMP-System 2x350Mhz-PII on an
Intel BX-Board (Gigabyte) using UHCI for USB.

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E-Business Solution Division

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