I am using the standard freebsd.mc created during a buildworld.  I have
started noticing that I am missing/rejecting a lot of emails from places
like: yahoogroups.com.  It is a valid domain name, and I can't imagine why
I would not want to get their emails (well, actually I can, but that is
beside the point :). It appears that the problem is that they do not have
a machine named "yahoogroups.com".  I have been looking in the sendmail
config stuff, and I have not yet figured out what rule I would need to
change, but I need it fixed soon, customers are complaining.  I think what
needs to be done is add a rule that says (if it is a TLD, go ahead and
accept it).  And, yes, I realize that means I will get a lot of emails
from places like: akjasdkfhaskhdf.com, but a "whois" lookup would be WAY

- brian

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