"David O'Brien" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Why not add the softupdates option to newfs?  Since newfs contains every
> tunefs option other than softupdates, I consider it a bug that newfs
> didn't gain that functionality when it was added to tunefs.

I wrote a patch to do this some time back.  Stefan Esser
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> pointed out that this would be made redundant when
(if?) softupdates is turned into a mount option.  According to him,
mckusick agreed with his point of view on this matter.  You can find
his e-mail to -audit about this here:


You can find my patch to newfs at
http://www.unixfreak.org/~dima/home/newfs-softdep.diff.  I suppose it
may be a worthwhile addition until se's patch goes in.


                                        Dima Dorfman
                                        [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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