On Saturday, 10 March 2001 at 17:12:42 -0800, Matt Jacob wrote:
> (top of tree within the last day or so):
> Things  seem *almost* okay, but:
> nellie.feral.com > root vinum
> vinum -> stripe -v /dev/da3a /dev/da4a /dev/da5a /dev/da6a /dev/da7a /dev/da8a
> /dev/da9a /dev/da10a /dev/da11a /dev/da12a
> drive vinumdrive0 device /dev/da3a
> <snip>
> Can't get config for plex 0: Invalid argument
> and at the console:
> WARNING: Driver mistake: repeat make_dev("vinum/control")


> Mar 10 17:09:57 nellie /boot/kernel/kernel: vinumioctl: invalid ioctl from process 
>682 (vinum): c1384644

This looks like a mismatch between the plex size in the userland and
kernel code.  Did you rebuild vinum(8)?

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