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> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Matthew Jacob 
> >
> >> Lastly make_dev_alias() is undocumented.
> Right, just like most of the rest of the kernel.
> >Really? That's a deficiency. It should be.
> Yes, ideally, yes.

The problem with make_dev_alias() not being documented is that it would
have been an effort to figure out if duplicate make_dev_alias() calls
were idempotent, done with refcounts or a good way to panic your

There's also no destroy_dev_alias() that I can see.  So when vinum
goes away I didn't realize how one unpopulates the /dev/vinum/ tree.

What's up with devfs not gc'ing itself?  Ie, after a directory
becomes empty it seems to still exist within the devfs namespace
instead of disappearing.

Since you guys are in docco mode, you might as well document how one
detects a devfs system in a running system.  There's an example
in the vinum(8) source:

    if (sysctlbyname("vfs.devfs.generation", NULL, NULL, NULL, 0) == 0)
        devfs_is_active = 1;
        devfs_is_active = 0;


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