I was about to fill in a doc PR on this but then I thought I'm better off
checking other people experiences...

I just used growfs on my / filesystem, after shrinking the swap partition
which just happened to be after it. I had to do nothing magic beside dropping
to single user so as to have a ro /. This is in contrast to what the man page

     system on the specified special file.  Currently growfs can only grow un-
     mounted file systems.  Do not try growing a mounted file system, your
     system may panic and you will not be able to use the file system any
     longer.  Most of the options you have used with newfs(8) once can not be
     changed.  In fact you can only increase the size of the file system.  Use

Is this just extra paranoia or was I very lucky? Do we need to fix the doc?


            Yes, I've heard of "decaf." What's your point?

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