In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Andrea Campi writes:
>Anyway, that was not my point. If I reboot into single-user, and am thus sure
>to have the / fs in a clean, consistent state, should I expect growfs to work
>in a safe way? If so, we should document it.

I think it is still unlikely to be completely safe. The kernel may
panic if it finds inconsistencies in the filesystem, and I'm sure
that growfs (temporarily) introduces some very serious inconsistencies
while it is running. Also, when growfs completes, the kernel's idea
of the filesystem is quite different from the parameters actually
set on the disk.

If the kernel was to panic half-way through a growfs operation, or
if growfs died, say because the kernel failed to fault in some
pages from the growfs executable, you could end up with a very
confused filesystem!


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