Mark Murray wrote:

> > In addition to reported earlier general machine slowdown with
> > interrupt harvesting is turning on, ethernet entropy harvesting
> > seriously hammers network performance as well. Ftping big file over my
> > 10M network now about 15% slower with ethernet harvesting turning on.
> Even with the Rijndael code and kern.random.sys.burst=$SMALLNUMBER ??

I've not tried Rijndael code yet, do you think that it could make a noticeable
difference? As for kern.random.sys.burst=$SMALLNUMBER I think that it is your
task to tune defaults in such a way that it would not disturb even low-profile
users (i.e. would not cause any measureable performance degradation). Tuning
defaults with power users in mind is extremly bad idea - we are not an OS with
mininal configuration PIII-500/128MB.


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