> > Even with the Rijndael code and kern.random.sys.burst=$SMALLNUMBER ??
> Rijndael stops it showing up much in top -S.  I'm wondering where it is
> hiding :-).  kern.random.sys.burst=$SMALLNUMBER had very little effect.

The Rijndael code makes a 2-orders-of-magnitude difference to the speed
of the Davies-Meyer hash in hash.c.

In order for the random kthread to show me numbers (I got paranoid
when it didn't seem to show up), I slowed it down by looping the
hashing "guts" 100 times :).

This very clearly shows the superior key agility of Rijndael over

Now kern.random.sys.burst is still available for those very slow,
very high interrupt cases.

Mark Murray
Warning: this .sig is umop ap!sdn

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