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Jacob writes:
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>> Jacob writes:
>> >
>> >Speaking of md, and such, since MFS got nuked, and I died horribly every time
>> >I tried to use md as a tmpfs, have the panics been fixed so I can use it now
>> >as a replacement for MFS?
>> Uhm, I'm drawing a blank here.  When did you have panics ?  Which panics ?
>> Have you tried -current ?
>The last we'd left this after you nuked MFS was I had an instant way of
>panic'ing -current. I can find the email for you if I must. You said you'd
>think about it. That's the last I heard.
>I can try it again, but I thought it'd be easier to find out whether the
>person who destroyed an important function and offered a replacement which
>failed to work might remember fixing it.

The last month has been pretty rough on me, so bear with me, please.

Can you resend the email please ?

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