>Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001 15:11:09 -0800
>From: Kris Kennaway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>We really need to provide a better rc.conf hook for doing this --
>expecting people to write their own script just to create a /tmp is

I appreciate the validation that what I'm trying to do makes sense (at
least to some folks).  And I appreciate Hajimu Umemoto's contribution,
since I hadn't been aware of the "diskless_mount" specification.

But basically, I agree with the sentiment re: making it easier.

I would be very pleased if it were made as easy as the use of an
mfs-based /tmp (merely specify "filesystem type" as "mfs"), but my
(very!) brief acquaintance with the semantics of the md device gives me
the impression that the exact approach is unlikely to be useful.

But if we could have a set of variables defined in /etc{/defaults,}/rc.conf
for providing the parameters for creating the md-based /tmp, as well as
the decision as to whether or not this is wanted, and have some code in
/etc/rc* that pays attention to it, I believe that could be quite
satisfactory.  So far, it seems to me that the critical parameters would
be the binary go/no go decision and the size.  (It appears that the md
device name can be dynamically assigned at creation time.)

(I believe it would also be useful if /etc/rc.shutdown were to unmount
and de-allocate the resources for such things -- not becasue of any
familiarity with the code, but because that just seems to be the Right
Thing To Do.  And to that end, it might be useful to have a somewhat
separate script (from the rest of the existing /etc/rc* scripts) that
could be invoked to create or destroy the /tmp.)

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