John Baldwin wrote:
> On 05-Mar-01 Tom Uffner wrote:
> > John Baldwin wrote:
> >> On 04-Mar-01 Tom Uffner wrote:
> >> > all of the snapshots since the 24th have exhibited this same or
> >> > very similar behavior.
> >> Does it happen for snapshots before the 24th?
> > no, it does not, at least not for the 5.0-20010210-CURRENT snap.

> Can you try cvsupping the src/sys tree one day at a time to see what day
> the kernel starts breaking for you?

ok, now i'm really confused. i built GENERIC kernels for every day
from the 2/10 to 2/25 and none of them panic. the snaps for the 24th
and 25th both during boot (only on my Vaio, not my other test systems)

could something outside the kernel have changed that made a difference?
or could it from building with different options? my /etc/make.conf has 
"COPTFLAGS= -O -pipe -march=i686". i presume that the snaps were built
without any optimization, could this make a difference?

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