"Matthew N. Dodd" wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Mark Murray wrote:
> > Lots of security minded people what _all_ the interrupt entropy
> > they can get, and this method gives them that while allowing others
> > to throttle the harvester back.
> Lots of -CURRENT users want to be able to use their systems to write code
> without tripping over /dev/random and friends.
> I hear lots of people objecting to this code and alot of handwaving in
> response.
> Choose reasonable defaults already.
> The -CURRENT cvs tree isn't the proper venue for doing crypto research.

Well, I dunno about that. It dovetails into the thread in developers
about getting people to use FreeBSD for research and to my mind I think
-current probably is a legitimate place for research. As long as the
basic -current doctrine of not commiting totally non-functional code is
adhered to there's no reason why experimental code can't be tried out in

If you don't like the problems that research cause you then -current
isn't what you should be running -- it's an old mantra that isn't
repeated enough these days.

Of course, I'd much prefer it if -current wasn't totally hosed as much
as it has been recently but random hasn't caused half the turmoil that
some other changes have so it's unfair to pick on it as a major problem.

I think Peter gets the award for causing most downtime in -current
recently, which is quite a feat given the SMP work taking place :-)


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