If memory serves me right, Peter Wemm wrote:

> If SRCS is undefined, then SRCS=${PROG}.c.  ie:
> peter@daintree[7:30pm]~src/usr.sbin/sicontrol-283> grep SRCS Makefile 
> peter@daintree[7:30pm]~src/usr.sbin/sicontrol-284> make -V SRCS
> sicontrol.c
> peter@daintree[7:30pm]~src/usr.sbin/sicontrol-285> make -V PROG
> sicontrol
> Adding back SRCS=prog.c explicitly is not the solution.  It is just hiding
> a problem elsewhere.


Thanks for the clue.  I learned something new today.  (Unfortunately, 
not enough to fix the problem, but I bet one of you -CURRENT gods can 
come up with a fix.)



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