I was talking with some fellows who seemed rather confident that if a
FBSD developer would port the rather small NVIDIA_kernel to FBSD that
Nvidia would make their driver available for XF86 on FBSD.  I'm
personally not familiar with FBSD development, still with linux, but
would love to switch over to FBSD, but this is very difficult until
there are solid drivers for XF86 for the Nvidia boards, as I run an Elsa
GeForce 2 Ultra and the current XF86 open drivers are flaky on my

This was very exciting news to a would-be FBSD user!  One of the persons
also mentioned that it would be good to get BSDi involved as well.

The source from which I gleaned this idea was from Open Projects IRC in
channel #nvidia.  Whoever starts working on this may be able to find
help from the people there.  It also may be possible to find people
connected with Nvidia there.

Here is a link to the current driver:

Hope this takes off!  Thanks so much for the continued development of a
great OS!


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