>Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 17:56:55 +0300 (EET DST)
>From: John Carlson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>I cvsupped today to -CURRENT, thinking to upgrade my -STABLE installation
>(4.3-BETA). I followed the instructions in the UPDATING file, but ran into 
>a persistent problem when trying to compile the kernel after a successful
>buildworld. The kernel compilation dies while making the modules at this

>cc -O -pipe   -D_KERNEL -Wall -Wredundant-decls -Wnested-externs
>-Wstrict-prototypes  -Wmissing-prototypes -Wpointer-arith -Winline
>-Wcast-qual  -fformat-extensions -ansi -DKLD_MODULE -nostdinc -I-   -I.
>-I@ -I@/dev -I@/../include  -mpreferred-stack-boundary=2 -c linux_sysent.c
>linux_sysent.c:21: sizeof applied to an incomplete type
>linux_sysent.c:21: warning: built-in function `exit' used without
>linux_sysent.c:21: warning: cast discards qualifiers from pointer target
>*** Error code 1

>Stop in ....

>Stop in /opt/src.

>Anyone else noticed this problem or is it just me doing something wrong?
>Any help would be appreciated.

I've been doing a CVSup & building each of -STABLE & -CURRENT daily for
the last couple of weeks or so.  Although yesterday's -CURRENT was a bit
weird (more on that below), things have mostly been workable.  I just
finished rebuilding today's -CURRENT, and did not see the problem you
are reporting.

Here's a log showing when I did the last few CVSups (from cvsup14, since
mirrors may vary at any given instant):

CVSup started at Wed Apr  4 03:47:01 PDT 2001
CVSup ended at Wed Apr  4 03:52:00 PDT 2001
CVSup started at Thu Apr  5 03:47:00 PDT 2001
CVSup ended at Thu Apr  5 03:52:18 PDT 2001
CVSup started at Fri Apr  6 03:47:00 PDT 2001
CVSup ended at Fri Apr  6 03:52:08 PDT 2001

For what it might be worth, the keyboard I'm using to type this is
attached to the laptop that is running:

FreeBSD m758712358.whistle.com 5.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 5.0-CURRENT #21: Fri Apr  6 
01:49:41 PDT 2001     root@:/common/C/obj/usr/src/sys/LAPTOP_30W  i386

(Ugh.  I just noticed that the timestamp in the above uname output is off
by 7 hrs., because given my experience trying to do much of anything
with yesterday's -CURRENT, I did the whole "make
{buildworld,kernel,installworld}" sequence in single-user mode.  Oh
well, if that's the worst that happens, I'm not too worried.)

As to yesterday's -CURRENT....  After I updated my sources & built it as
usual ("date && make buildworld && date && make kernel KERNCONF=LAPTOP_30W
&& date && make installworld && date && mergemaster && date && df -k" --
I sprinkle the "dates" in there for kicks), and re-booted, I thought I
saw an odd message just after the Linux emulation module was loaded.

"Fortunately," it seems to have recurred upon the boot for today's
-CURRENT, though it is apparently only being logged to the console:

Configuring syscons: blank_time moused.
Additional ABI support: linuxELF binary type "3" not known.
Abort trap
Local package initialization:...

Another peculiarity (that someone -- phk? -- also noted) was that only 2
filesystems were auto-fscked.  (For yesterday's -CURRENT, the machine
started acting as if it was *very* busy -- and I couldn't get the
keyboard to respond, though the mouse would move.  I ended up
power-cycling it, then booting into -STABLE.  -STABLE's auto-fsck was
able to cope with all but one of the filesystems OK.  The last one it
wanted help with (soft updates inconsistency), and I ended up losing a
couple of files in one each of a -CURRENT and a -STABLE obj/ tree.  I
would have pursued this further, but I needed to use the machine in
-STABLE for something....)

Anyhow, when I booted the machine into single-user mode in (yesterday's)
-CURRENT (just before the build for today's -CURRENT), I issued "fsck -p"
as usual, intending to follow that with "mount -a".  I found it
interesting that only two filesystems were checked:  /dev/ad0s3a and
/dev/ad0s1a.  So I typed "fsck" (no arguments), and all filesystems were
checked.  Here's /etc/fstab:

# Device                Mountpoint      FStype  Options         Dump    Pass#
/dev/ad0s3b             none            swap    sw              0       0
/dev/ad0s1a             /S1             ufs     rw              2       2
/dev/ad0s1e             /S1/usr         ufs     rw              2       2
/dev/ad0s2a             /S2             ufs     rw              2       2
/dev/ad0s2e             /S2/usr         ufs     rw              2       2
/dev/ad0s3a             /               ufs     rw              1       1
/dev/ad0s3e             /usr            ufs     rw              2       2
/dev/ad0s3g             /var            ufs     rw              2       2
/dev/ad0s3h             /common         ufs     rw              2       2
/dev/acd0c              /cdrom          cd9660  ro,noauto       0       0
proc                    /proc           procfs  rw              0       0

And after building today's -CURRENT, the (multi-user) boot that followed
only checked those same 2 filesystems.

I'm going to try to take a closer look at the recent changes to fsck.

More on the ELF stuff:  with today's -CURRENT, trying to run the Linux
netscape yields:

m758712358[3] netscape
ELF binary type "0" not known.

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