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Aaron Campbell writes : "Two aspects of the FFS filesystem in OpenBSD
have received significant improvements since 2.8, increasing
performance dramatically. Thanks to art, gluk, csapuntz, and a host
of other developers and testers, Soft Updates are now much more
stable than ever before. The second improvement, contributed by
[EMAIL PROTECTED], is a new directory allocation policy (codenamed
"dirpref"). Coupled with soft updates, the new dirpref code offers up
to a 60x speed increase in gluk's tests, documented here:" 


I am personally running 4 of my machines with the latest changes
(1.2GHz 256MB, 333MHz 160MB, P200MMX 32MB, PIII600 190MB Laptop) and
things are working great. I didn't stress test it thoroughly myself,
but here are some numbers: it took 19.26 seconds to untar the OpenBSD
2.8 srcsys.tar.gz file (7200 RPM UDMA100 IDE drive) and only 2.76
seconds to rm -rf it, on my 1.2GHz system. (Sorry, I do not have
older numbers to compare to, see the above URL for comparison tests.)
Another important change is that it is no longer necessary to run
tunefs in single user mode to activate soft updates. All that is
needed is to add the "softdep" mount option to the partitions you
want soft updates enabled on in /etc/fstab."

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Is this happening and/or could this be done in FreeBSD?

I especially like not having to run tunefs :-)

Pardon me if this has already been discussed.

- -JD-

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