Hello Matt,

Wednesday, April 11, 2001, 2:24:35 AM, you wrote:

:>> I'm not 100% convinced about the algorithm to avoid clusters filling 
:>> up with directory-only entries (it looks like a worst-case would fill 
:>> a cluster with 50% directories and 50% files leaving a bad layout when 
:>> the directories are populated further), but then the non-dirpref 
:>> scheme has some far worse worst-case scenarios ;-)
MD> :
MD> :Just to follow up on myself... it seems the dirpref stuff was 
MD> :committed to FreeBSD this morning :-]
MD> :
MD> :-- 
MD> :Brian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>                        <brian@[uk.]FreeBSD.org>
MD>     Yup, Kirk committed it.  I really like the changes -- in the old days
MD>     disk caches were tiny and directories were not well cached on top of that.
MD>     It made sense to try to keep directories close to their files.

Any plan to MFC? I am interesting to see it in 4.3-RELEASE.

David Xu

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