Hi -CURRENT users,

I wonder what should happen when a volume is exported through NFS
to a netgroup that contains duplicate hosts.

At this site, we have a number of netgroups which contain both
qualified and unqualified host names, as in
  MyNetgroup    (somehost,-,-) (somehost.dom.ain,-,-) ...
and I have the following line in /etc/exports:
  /usr  -alldirs MyNetgroup
(/usr is a ffs file system mount point).

When mountd attempts to register the export list with the kernel,
the first attempt to export to somehost succeeds, and then the
second fails with EPERM ("can't change attributes for /usr"),
and I am left with an empty kernel export list.

This used to work with 5.0-CURRENT as of a few months ago.
Shouldn't such an export work as expected?


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