:Of course you are right. Netgroup support got in some area broken
:when I did the IPv6 merge of NetBSD code. It will be fixed
:soon, sorry !
:Another issue with mountd is, that it allows still one set of flags
:for one mountpoint. This is done per radix entry in the kernel and tied
:to each file-system mount point. 
:If we manage it, mountd should soon be able to allow different mount flags
:for each path you export in /etc/exports.
:Martin Blapp, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

    You can't do that.  You could manage different perms for different
    hosts (i.e. /usr is rw for host A and /usr is ro for host B), but
    you can't mix perms for subdirectories within a mount to the
    same host.

    The reason is that the file handles passed to nfsd could then
    be trivially faked to gain rw access on a ro-exported subdirectory.
    For example, if you export /usr read-only and /usr/local read-write,
    you can then construct an NFS request using /usr/local's mount point
    but with a file handle that represents a file in /usr, and then be
    able to write to that file.  This is because the file handle
    representing file X will be almost identical no matter which mount
    point X is accessed relative to.


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