With help from Chris & Ashley I just figured this out--
thanks to both of you.

The man page for devfs definitely does not make this
clear, BTW:

'Primary' DOS partitons (aka slices) are numbered
1 thru 4, even if you don't actually use them all.

'Extended' DOS partitions can be accessed in FBSD
(as in Linux) starting with numbers 5 and above,
e.g. /dev/ad0s5, ad0s6... depending on the number
of extended partitions you create on your hard disk.

With the new devfs kernel these partitions are not 
visible in /dev *until* you mount them with, e.g.,
mount_msdos /dev/ad0s6 /mnt
mount_ext2fs /dev/ad0s5 /mnt

But there is no clue that these 'devices' exist
until you actually mount them.

I hope this may save some time for other newbies
migrating from the Linux world.

Next question:  is it possible to create 4.2BSD
filesystems on these 'extended' partitions?

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