On Thu, 19 Apr 2001, Makoto MATSUSHITA wrote:

> ru> I always thought that ``obj'', ``all'' and ``install'' should be
> ru> executed in sequence, not together.  Hey, this even does not work
> ru> for bin/cat:

`obj' must normally be built before everything else.  Otherwise, make(1)
will start by chdir'ing to the wrong object directory...  Some cases
work accidentally.  E.g., `make obj all' works in directories with only
subdirs, since all the object subdirectories will have been created by
the time make(1) recurses into them for the `all' target.

`make all install' might work.  However ...

> IIRC, it is assumed that "make -jX install (where X > 1)" _doesn't_ work.
> I've heard why, but I've forgotten :-)

Right.  One case where it doesn't work is installing /bin/sh with the
default install flags. /bin/sh gets clobbered, so anything that attempts
to use it concurrently doesn't work.  In particular, a concurrent
sub-make may fail.  This problem is avoided for some very important
install targets like ld.so by adding -C to INSTALLFLAGS to give an
atomic installation.  Atomic installation (but not -C) should be the

Since make -jX install doesn't work, `make world' in /usr/src/Makefile
uses `${MAKE} -B installworld' to turn off any previous setting of -j.
If you make installworld directly, then then -B is not enforced, so
you must use it in the command line if you have a setting of -j in the

... back to `make all install'.  If this works at all, then you can
only use it without -j, since the `install' part of it doesn't work
with -j.  Separate steps are required to pass different flags to


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