> Folks,
> although there was much rejoicing, I think there's no need for a
> new option to cp. Just use the toolbox, it's not too hard:
> (cat bigfilelist; echo destdir) | xargs cp
> Or even
> echo destdir >>bigfilelist
> xargs cp < bigfilelist
> should do the trick.

No, it won't.  Consider a list of files  a, b, c, d.  You create input to 
xargs 'a b c d destdir', which it then splits into 'a b c' and 'd 
destdir'.  The first time cp is run, it will probably fail; the second 
time only 'd' ends up where you expect it.

The best solution to this is actually to fix xargs to accept a "command 
format string", eg.

  echo list | xargs "cp %s destdir"

Probably a better way to do it would be to have the insertion marker an 
option to xargs:

  echo list | xargs -s LIST_HERE cp LIST_HERE destdir

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