> Folks,
> although there was much rejoicing, I think there's no need for a
> new option to cp. Just use the toolbox, it's not too hard:
> (cat bigfilelist; echo destdir) | xargs cp

I like this version of the patch!!  It's much much cleaner than
hacking up cp or xargs, it even follows the unix principle of
using simple tools and glueing them togeather to do bigger
jobs, is unix implementation independent, and is very clear
in what it does.

[You even taugh this old dog a new trick he totally blanked out on!!]

> Or even
> echo destdir >>bigfilelist
> xargs cp < bigfilelist
> should do the trick.

I don't like this one, bigfilelist gets modified and may need
to be used again for something else.  Please don't commit this version
of the patch :-)

> Regards,
>       Jens
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> Jens Schweikhardt http://www.schweikhardt.net/
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