Dima Dorfman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 > I don't have a copy of SuSv2 or anything else that defines -I and -i,


 > but from what I can gather, -i is the same as "-I {}" and -I allows
 > things like this:

Not exactly.  The difference is that the option-argument to
-i is optional and -- if present -- has to follow without
whitespace after the -i.  This is a violation of the common
utility syntax guidelines, but has been adopted by SUSv2
because it was widely implemented.

So ``-i'' is the same as ``-I {}'', and ``-i[]'' (no space!)
is the same as ``-I []''.

Unfortunately, when you use -i or -I, then each line from
stdin is used as a signle argument, and the utility is
invoked once for every line, unless I misunderstand what
SUSv2 is saying.  :-(

$ cat test
foo   bar
baz   bla
$ xargs -i echo XXX '{}' YYY < test
XXX foo   bar YYY
XXX baz   bla YYY

 > Does that mean everyone is blind and missed my arrogant cross-post of
 > the amazingly short patch to do this, or are we just interested in
 > discussing it and not testing the implementation? ;-)

I must have missed it, and I think it's at least a good
start.  :-)

The patch looks good.  At leat it would solve the problem
which this thread is about, although I think it doesn't
comply with SUSv2.


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