On 23-Apr-01 Warner Losh wrote:
> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> John Baldwin writes:
>: Yes, but until such time as we do that we should warn people in UPDATING at
>: least.
> 20010411:
>       fsck and the kernel were changed to handle some optimizations
>       to directory layout.  This breaks backward compatbility.
>       Update only if you understand that you must not use the old
>       fsck with the new kernel ever.  Explicit instructions for
>       doing so not provided to a) encourage people to fix the problem
>       and b) encournage the less technically competent to not update
>       past this point.  There are also problems using the dirpref
>       updated disks on old kernels, so you have been warned.
> Is going in shortly.  Typos/corrections to me by the end of the day.

I wasn't aware of problems with dirpref disks and old kernels.  dirpref just
uses some unused fields in the superblock, so I don't see how that could be a
problem.  I can confirm the old fsck + new kernel madness though. :(
> Warner


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