On Tue, 24 Apr 2001, Terry Lambert wrote:

> It seems to me that these things are not boot-time tunable, and
> should be (really, they should be runtime tunable, but there

$ sysctl -a | grep maxf
kern.maxfiles: 360
kern.maxfilesperproc: 360

`maxfiles' and `maxfilesperproc' have been runtime tunable for more
than 5 years (but there are still bugs in the implementation of this).

> are some nasty pageable region allocations for networking that
> appear to require contiguous regions for no good reason which I
> can discern).  That means that the best we can do right now is
> boot-time, so here it is:

True, things based on stale values of the variables don't work right.

> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Index: conf/param.c
> ===================================================================

Don't put anything more in param.c.  Almost everything in it can be
done better using tunables or sysctls.  The only thing that it is now
useful for is centralizing the #defines for bogus defaults based on
MAXUSERS.  This is unnecessary for tunables, since they don't need
static initializers.  E.g., the tunable for kern.maxfiles can be

    TUNABLE_INT_DECL("kern.maxfiles", 2 * maxproc, maxfiles);

instead of

    TUNABLE_INT_DECL("kern.maxfiles", MAXFILES, maxfiles);

Then maxfiles can be declared in the right place (not here).  There
would be a problem getting tunables set in the right order if maxproc
were tunable.  We also have a sysctl for maxproc, but it was made
read-only due to allocation problems for exec_map which went away long
ago.  Apparently the allocation problems for maxfiles and maxfilesperproc
aren't so serious, since the sysctls for these have always been
read-write.  The problems with these sysctls are more with their
interactions with setrlimit().


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