Alfred Perlstein wrote:
> * Terry Lambert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [010424 11:59] wrote:
> > It seems to me that these things are not boot-time tunable, and
> > should be (really, they should be runtime tunable, but there
> > are some nasty pageable region allocations for networking that
> > appear to require contiguous regions for no good reason which I
> > can discern).  That means that the best we can do right now is
> > boot-time, so here it is:
> This looks good except that ncallout is still based on MAXFILES,
> without this being fixed I think people might get bitten by
> raising the tuneable too high then being unable to allocate
> enough callouts.  Can you take a look at this and make sure there's
> nothing else using MAXFILES like that?

The problem is that param.c is *not* included in gensetdefs scope.
Therefore linker set entries (ie: SYSINIT etc) are not executed.  TUNABLE*
entries in param.c are simply not called or used.

SYSTEM_OBJS= locore.o setdef0.o vnode_if.o ${OBJS} ioconf.o param.o config.o \
        setdef1.o hack.So
setdef0.c setdef1.c setdefs.h: ${OBJS}
        @gensetdefs ${OBJS}

param.o is not included in ${OBJS}.  I dont see how this patch can work

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