On 25-Apr-01 (01:31:59/GMT) Garrett Wollman wrote:

> The ``can't assign resources'' messages indicate that the
> devices are legacy ISA devices for which a non-PnP-aware
> driver is compiled into the kernel.  These include devices
> such as keyboard...

This means that I can remove this lines?  Sure?

-----8<-----[ /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/TRUDY ]-----8<-----
# atkbdc0 controls both the keyboard and the PS/2 mouse
device          atkbdc  1
device          atkbd
device          psm

# Floppy drives
device          fdc

# Serial (COM) ports
device          sio     1

# pca: PCM audio through your PC speaker
device          pca

> AIUI such messages are currently disabled unless one boots in
> verbose mode.

Under -CURRENT boot is supposed to be 'extra_verbose' (IMHO).


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