Curious if anyone else has been having problems with pmap_remove_pages()
recently?  In the past week or so, I've found that heavy load on my dual p3 600
testbox can usually trigger a page fault (prolly a null pointer deref of some 
kind) in pmap_remove_pages() called from exit1().  Just now I was doing a -j 8
world test on the dual 21164 300 alpha testbox here and it locked up just
after printing

warning: pmap_remove_pages called with non-current pmap

to the console.  Anyone else seeing this or have any ideas.  Since I've had
this on both alpha and x86 now, I'm somewhat inclined to think it is a problem
in some MI code somewhere.  If I get some more time I'll try and see if I can
narrow down the commit that broke this.


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