On Fri, 27 Apr 2001, Cejka Rudolf wrote:

> Right now, I have upgraded my -current machine from
> February 13 to April 26. 
> I were pleased with change to dir allocation in FFS,
> but here are my unpleasant test results (UDMA33, partition
> is 3 GB where 1 GB is free, soft-updates are enabled):
> ...
> rm -r is much faster, but tar xvfz is much slower.

This is probably caused by write caching now being off by default
in the ata driver, possibly amplified by not using soft updates.
Without the new dir allocation, -current would be even slower :(.

> Furthermore,
> it was possible to work on another console in an old system
> without any big impact when tar xvfz was run, but on new
> system, I have to wait very long time for any disk operation (when
> tar xvfz runs). For example, I have to wait from 2 to 30 seconds
> on ls -l command.

This is also probably caused by write caching not being done.  I saw
the 2+ seconds hangs on my nfs client when write caching was turned off
on the server.  I don't know why this is so bad.


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