Bruce Evans wrote (2001/04/28):
> This is probably caused by write caching now being off by default
> in the ata driver, possibly amplified by not using soft updates.
> Without the new dir allocation, -current would be even slower :(.

Yes, thanks. I really forgot on this change.
My rough results are now:

            Old s./wc enabled   New s./wc enabled   New s./wc disabled

tar xvfz    8 minutes           4 minutes           14 minutes
rm -r       5 minutes           1 minute            2 minutes

There is another reason for tar "slowness": Current version of
tar seems to be faster than our old system tar: 3m23 against 3m44
for tar xvfz with wc enabled. I think there are even bigger
differences with tar cvfz and tar xvfz with wc disabled.

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