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> My source disk is quite noisy so normally I stop it after building the
> world and restart it once a week.  Couple weeks this restart hasn't
> worked as before.

Oh, now that you mention it, i've seen that before, too.  I didn't pay
too much attention then since i initially thought that particular disk
wasn't quite OK together with my new controller (the Tekram BIOS also
has problems if the drive isn't spun-up at boot time).  But now that
i've seen the same kind of behaviour for other devices (like a scanner
that has been power-cycled), i see the correlation to the CAM error
handling changes here as well.

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If you look into the archives of that list, you can see some other
discussions about the new error handling.  Note that it's most likely
not the rewritten error handling itself, but rather that the rewrite
uncovered bugs in the top-layer SCSI drivers.

> Only way to start disk again is reboot.

Disconnecting (or powering off the drive), "camcontrol rescan",
reconnect, "camcontrol rescan" would probably work as well.

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