>Date: Fri, 4 May 2001 14:39:12 +0200
>From: "Georg-W. Koltermann" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>I CVSuped twice since my initial report, and the problem is still
>there.  On the other hand I have a report from David Wolfskill that
>suspend/resume works fine for him.


>c) David, since it seems to work for you, what hardware/firmware do
>   you have?

It's similar to a Dell Inspiron 5000e (I suspect it's made by the same
folks).  http://www.catwhisker.org/~david/FreeBSD/laptop.html for more
detail than folks are likely to want (though it does include a link to a
floppy image that I used to update the BIOS; note that said BIOS claims
to be for either my (type of) machine or a Dell Inspiron 5000e).

>One surprising observation: If I disable APM in /boot/device.hints, my
>machine suspends and resumes JUST FINE.  The BIOS alone seems to be
>able to suspend and awake the hardware behind FreeBSD's back.  The
>system only hangs if FreeBSD is involved in the process.

Curiouser and curiouser....

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