> > > 
> > > It looks like kbdcontrol is not very happy.
> > 
> > Ok, here is a patch that fix the problem for me. The problem is that
> > a second call to mkfullname() will reuse the memory at the pointer that
> > it returns, so you have to preserve it before then.
> OOPS, sorry. I've overlooked it. Should be fixed now. Interesting
> that on my system it worked like a charm.

Do you set malloc options with /etc/malloc.conf maybe? The J option
will cause this and it is on by default in -current. You didn't switch
it off maybe?

> 4.3 upgrade path is likely to be still broken , because kbdcontrol(8)
> in 4-STABLE doesn't honour KEYMAP_PATH environment variable.
> Perhaps kbdcontrol should be added into bootstrap tools to fully fix
> the problem.

Won't it be good enough to merge KEYMAP_PATH to stable? Or do we need
to be able to upgrade to -current from any 4.x?


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