It seems Brian F. Feldman wrote:
> Welp, this is the n-dozenth time that the ATA driver has wedged large parts 
> of my entire system because it feels it needs to reset my CD-R when I'm 
> trying to start burning a CD.  I get the good old
> acd0: WRITE_BIG command timeout - resetting
> ata3: resetting devices .. 
> and then, like always, tons of random applications lock up thereafter, 
> including the burncd (stuck in physstr and cannot be killed, at all), Window 
> Maker, my panel, etc. etc. etc.  Oh, and the sleep(2)-related system calls 
> don't sleep for the right time anymore; they just freeze.  All sorts of 
> stuff like this.
> Is there _any_ hope for not having such horrible behavior?  Am I at the very 
> least not the only person to have seen it?  This is the _only_ problem I've 
> had with -current lockups this entire year.

I have never ever seen this behavior...

I can understand why the process that uses the failing device can hang
or do irratic things, but I have trouble understanding the rest...

A dmesg would be nice :)


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