Welp, this is the n-dozenth time that the ATA driver has wedged large parts 
of my entire system because it feels it needs to reset my CD-R when I'm 
trying to start burning a CD.  I get the good old

acd0: WRITE_BIG command timeout - resetting
ata3: resetting devices .. 

and then, like always, tons of random applications lock up thereafter, 
including the burncd (stuck in physstr and cannot be killed, at all), Window 
Maker, my panel, etc. etc. etc.  Oh, and the sleep(2)-related system calls 
don't sleep for the right time anymore; they just freeze.  All sorts of 
stuff like this.

Is there _any_ hope for not having such horrible behavior?  Am I at the very 
least not the only person to have seen it?  This is the _only_ problem I've 
had with -current lockups this entire year.

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