> > I tried Dima's patch (the one which Alfred has committed) and I
> > get an earlier mutex recursion panic, probably when a local progam
> > that uses shm forks and exits. I scribbled down this trace from
> > it:

> Is there such a program in the base system?

Nope - it's part of a radio refclock for NTP. It doesn't do anything
magic though - just shares a shm segement with ntpd and gets times
from the serial port.

> Attached is an untested patch to try to fix this.  It's almost 02:00
> here and I have to head to bed, but it may work for you.  At least it
> may be a starting point for someone.

I won't be able to apply the patch until I get home from work. Should
I apply it on top of the other patch?


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