On 22-May-01 John Baldwin wrote:
> On 20-May-01 Alfred Perlstein wrote:
>> I broke swapping with the vm mutex.
>> Hopefully I should have this fixed up within a couple of days tops.
>> No, I'm not heading off to Aruba or someplace after this intrusive
>> change, I am working on it.  Your kernel may panic, but I hope you
>> all keep a level head about this and don't follow suit. :)
>> Patches, suggestions and crashdumps would be helpful.
>> Bruce has been giving me some helpful tracebacks that I'm planning
>> to use to stabilize the system.
> I am currently running X on my laptop with a current kernel with the patch
> http://www.FreeBSD.org/~jhb/patches/vm.patch.  It is swapping, and I've
> tested
> out exhausting all the swap and mem at least which worked.

Also, to clarify a point here and vindicate Alfred some since some people are
calling for his head:  Alfred didn't entirely break swapping, I helped. 
Revision 1.112 #if 0'd out code to lock the vm_map of a process when we were
swapping it out.  At the time I thought that we locked the map and immediately
released the lock.  However, we also bumped the refcount on the vmspace, but
didn't call vmspace_free() until later after swapout().  I #if 0'd out the bump
of the refcount, but not the vmspace_free(), thus when swapping out processes,
we would release a vmspace out from under a process giving vmdaemon a heart
attack later on.  I think we still leak a vmspace refcount if we fail the
swap_idle_threadhold2 test in swapout_procs(), and I'm going to test out a fix
for that as well.


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