On Tue, 22 May 2001, Peter Wemm wrote:

> John Baldwin wrote:
> > If I have swap (i.e. I've run swapon on a swap partition) the program is kill
>     ed
> > by the system fine.  If I don't have swap, then both the memkill process adn
> > the swapper process (proc0) are stuck in the "vmwait" wait channel used by
> > VM_WAIT.  Any ideas?
> This may not be a new problem.  I have seen a lot of machines hit this
> sort of thing at work.  It can end up in the majority of processes on
> the system in this state.

des's adsp.c test program caused this here on a machine with 64MB RAM and
132MB swap.  No progress was made killing `bigproc' because everything
gets stuck on "vmwait".  It is hard to see where the get stuck because
the "vmwait" label is far from unique.  It is used in both the vm_wait()
and the vm_await() functions which are called from all over.


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