Sun, May 20, 2001 at 19:53:29, barry (Barry Lustig) wrote about "Boot time memory 

Do verbose boot (`boot -v') with large SC_HISTORY_SIZE (1000 at least,
2000 at most), and after boot check for "SMAP ..." lines at the very
beginning of the kernel boot log at /dev/console. (They are not written
to log viewable with dmesg.) Another way is to use serial console.
With this SMAP lines one can say more concrete diagnosis.

> I was curious whether the memory limitation on the Sony VAIO Z505
> machines was an actual hardware limitation or a marketing issue.  I just
> tried adding a 256MB module to my machine.  The BIOS seemed to mostly
> recognize it.
> It did see 320MB of RAM, but had problems when testing all of it. 
> Current (from
> a couple of weeks ago) boots, but gives me:
>       Too many holes in the physical address space, giving up
> and comes up showing 64MB of RAM.  Is this something that can be worked
> around, or have I run up against an actual hardware limit on the
> machine?


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